Feedback after steroid injection



I came to the clinic on the 30th November and following tests I had a conversation with Dr Nick(?) who gave me the option of having steroid injections there and then.

First of all I want to say thank you for such excellent service and efficiency. Really friendly staff too.

Secondly, I'm very pleased to say the injections have worked really well so far, no pain in the mornings in my thumb, index or middle fingers of either of my hands since.

However, I have noticed that my ring fingers and little fingers have been tingling or numb in the mornings. I know it is the cubital nerve that serves these so wondered what can be done about this and whether your clinic covers this?

Thanks in advance



We do test the ulnar nerve (the one to the little finger) but we don't treat it I'm afraid. The best general advice is to try and break the habit of sleeping with the hand up by the head (and therefore the elbow flexed), and to rigorously avoid lening on the elbow or bending it to more than 90 degrees for long periods. There is a page of the website devoted to ulnar nerve problems. JB

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