Online Assessment completed


Hi. I've just completed the online assessment and it's given me a result of 2% chance of having CTS, is this right as my right hand I can barely do anything with?


Looking at your answers it probably is right. The percentage score is not a measure of how severe the symptoms are but an assessement of how likely it is that the cause of those symptoms is CTS. There are lots of other things you can get in the hands which are equally disabling but are not carpal tunnel syndrome. Your symptoms are more widely distributed than classic CTS and have not responded to treatments for CTS, nor do you have much in the way of risk factors for it. It would be better for your GP to refer you to a more generalist hand clinic where they can treat a variety of disorders, rather than to my superspecialist CTS clinic where we cannot do anything for you if the problem is not CTS. Can you pass this message back to your GP please and they can get on with it. JB

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