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Just a quick update, I saw Dr Bland on the 13th Jan and he confirmed that I did indeed have CTS, was booked in for injections the next day ! Well all I can say is a massive thank you, after sleepless nights, crying with the pain and pins and needles that took over an hour to go, I can honestly say my results have been amazing. The next day I had some pins and needles but no where anything like I was used to, I can only speak from my experience but would suggest giving the injections a go, for me nothing short of a miracle and hope the effects last. Also on a plus side I was booked in for physio for my right arm as couldn’t lift it and since the injections that has improved so much I cancelled my physio apt ! Thanks once again


Thankyou for the update. I'm glad it seems to have worked well. Would you be able to add a new severity score here on the website to document the change in the symptoms?

If and when it comes back of course all you need to do is contact me directly. JB

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