Steroid injection


Dr Bland
Re: Steroid injection given by Dr Wyeth at Faversham on 9 February 2012.

I conducted a telephone 'follow up' with Dr Wyeth on 15th. March and was delighted to report a very successful outcome following the steroid treatment.

Right hand and wrist pain and 'pins & needles' are significantly reduced; and I also have improved movement there.
Only slight 'pins & needles' sensations after some garden pruning or when carrying a reasonably heavy package.

Also delighted to report that the 'associated' right shoulder problem we discussed has stopped being a problem; so my sleep pattern is much better now.

Many thanks to you and your team for making day-to-day life that much more pleasant.


Thankyou for the feedback. Now we wait to see how long it lasts. Whenever you feel it might be deteriorating just drop a quick post on here and we'll decide what to do as we go along. JB

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