Questionnaire Completed


Dear All,

I have today completed the questionnaire ( 223503) and have also had a steroid injection to my right wrist.

The doctor explained that the steroid can last for up to 6 months but instructed me to still email you for when this wears off so I am within the system to have a test to confirm the significance of my CTS.

Many thanks


I prefer to test the nerves before the results are distorted by the effects of steroids. Your symptoms do sound like CTS but I wonder if I have seen you before back in 2016 when it was less typical of that diagnosis? Symptoms can be alleviated for anything up to 50 years after a single dose of steroids if you are very lucky but something between 3 and 12 months is fairly typical. Whether it is worth me seeing you at present rather depends on what happens to the symptoms. If they resolve after injection then there is no need for us to do anything. If and when the symptoms recur, be that in 6 months or 6 years or whatever, just post a message on here and we will think about it. If they do not respond to injection then we may need to see you but the situation will haver been unnecessarily complicated by the steroids.  JB

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