I attended the clinic last year and was diagnosed with carpal tunnel in both hands (right worse than left) to which I was administered a steroid injection, due to covid all operations were cancelled.
Since then I have not heard what is happening.
Please could you advise. Have had trouble trying to access forum.


We thought it was probably a mixture of CTS and some form of arthritis. I never got a follow-up report from you telling me how well the steroid injection worked - what was the response like? JB

Hi doctor bland.
Sorry had trouble accessing forum had to do new log in.
After the steroid injection hands were fine for a couple of months.
But for the last few months severe pain in right hand,and shooting pain through palm, left hand not so bad.
I find it difficult to form a fist it's quite painful, and after I have constantly used hands (gardening,peeling veg etc)
The pain in so bad.
Please advise.

Mrs r raynsford


We had better test it again and see what we're dealing with I think. I'll send out a new appointment. I've found one on 14th June - letter in post. JB

Dr bland.
Ok thank you.

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