Questionnaire Completed


Finished it just now- 224529

Worried about the low number as I've been dealing with this since I was in high school (US) and knowing me I've probably underscored the pain.


The severity of pain doesn't make much difference to the diagnosis - problems other than CTS can be just as painful, if not more so, so simply the degree of pain is not very useful in distinguishing one condition from another. The main things pulling your diagnostic score down are that the timing of your symptoms is not typical of CTS and the fact that it is a rare condition in your age group except during pregnancy. It's therefore not impossible that you have CTS but it's probably more likely to be something else. As such it would be a better bet for your GP to send you to the general hand clinic rather than to my specialist CTS clinic, at least to begin with - perhaps you could pass this message back to them (I'm assuming you are now in Kent not the USA). JB

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