Arms shake uncontrollably


My stats:
6' 3", 205 lbs, in my 30's, work on a laptop for work all day.

My symptoms:
-Arms shake uncontrollably if I focus on them. During the normal course of the day, it doesn't happen, but if I put my attention on my arms, they start shaking.
-Arms feel like they are twisted
-Piggybacking at the previous point, I was at a massage therapist who did something to my arm. She extended left hand out far away and held onto it. While this happened, my left arm would move uncontrollably in all kinds of directions as if it was unwinding. She wasn't doing anything, i wasn't doing anything, but my arm was moving like it was trying to create more space for me.
-Tight hands and wrist
-Arms feel heavy
-My left arm and hands experience more of these symptoms than the right one
-Bad handwriting
-I feel like my hands and arms are squeezing in horizontally. Like they should be wider, but they are squeezing into the middle.

Am I experiencing Carpal Tunnel? I have suspicions that it could be carpal tunnel because I'm typing all the time. I have MASSIVE hands and long arms and it feels like I'm squeezing them into a tight small fit all day.


That doesn't sound remotely like CTS and it's worth noting that CTS is nothing to do with typing - it is commoner in people with strenuous manual occupations, not desk workers. JB

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