Can i get steroid injection while pregnant?


I am 36wks pregnant and have suffered for CTS for 4wks now. It appeared and went almost straight away to unbearable. I was given splints which helped at night time for a maximum of 3 nights before i was being woken up in pain again.
I can't even hold a knife and fork anymore without everything going numb.
My GP has offered me pain killers that i am not able to take due to pregnancy. I am after all information i can so i can go back to my GP armed with knowledge. I am going to be unable to look after my newborn if i dont get some kind of help.
Also what are the chances that after birth it will not go away?


There is a page of this site devoted to CTS in pregnancy which summarises what is known about it (not much) but the quick answer in your case is that steroid injection should be no problem at 36 weeks and there is at least a 50% chance that it will clear up fairly quickly after delivery. Unless your GP knows how to inject CTS however there may be some difficulty in arranging a local steroid injection before delivery. In many areas of the country the wait to get it injected may be longer than 4 weeks. JB

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