Questionnaire completed


I have completed my questionnaire. Quite surprised at my low score considering the symptoms I’m getting. I think I have under rated the pain etc I’m getting.
I have the numbness, tingling, weakness, pain and I’m suffering daily and nightly.
With my low score will I still be seen by yourself?
Thanks for your time


The score isn't about how bad the symptoms feel but is a measure of how well they match the typical symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, as opposed to any other hand disorder. WIth a score of 10%, though it's not impossible that you have CTS it is much more likely that you have one or more of the other problems listed on this page of the website. It would make more sense therefore for your GP to refer you to a clinic that handles a variety of hand disorders rather than one which specialises purely in CTS. If you can pass this message back to them there are hand clinics at all three of the main East Kent hospitals who can deal with this. JB

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