Pain in elbow/ upper arm is this related?


Dear Team,

I have been experiencing pain in my left arm, particularly around the elbow joint area, occasionally radiating up to the bicep/ shoulder area and/or down to my hand (around the thumb area).

The pain is not an acute sudden pain, it is more of a numbness/ dull ache feeling. This pain did occur initially about 6 weeks ago after using a hedge trimmer in the garden and the pain was acute for about a week, with reduced mobility of the elbow.
It then went away for about a week and is back as more of a dull ache and sometimes ties in with the numb feeling i get in my hand with carpal tunnel. (however the right side was always the worst with my Carpel Tunnel and not the left?)

I wanted to check if you thought that this could be connected? otherwise if its unlikely then i will happily arrange a review with the GP.

p.s the injection i had worked well, but after about 6 months i needed to go back to using my splints at nighttime (minimal day time symptoms)

Many thanks for your Help



The elbow problem sounds likely to be something different, perhaps along the line of tennis/golfers elbow, depending on which side of the joint it is. If it is that it is likely to be locally tender on pressure. Worth a GP consultation if it doesn't settle after a few weeks. JB

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