Pain years after carpal tunnel release


Hi everybody. I had a ctr surgery on my right hand four years ago. I still experience numbness, tingling, and pins and needles in my hand and wrist, albeit much less frequently than I did before surgery, but that I can deal with. I also go through periods where I will have excruciating burning pain, as well as- and this is the best I can really describe it- what feels like lightning bolts going through my hand and wrist, and I will experience this daily for weeks at a time. Does anyone have any suggestions about reducing the pain? It's borderline unbearable, and makes things like driving (especially since I drive stick) really hard/sometimes impossible. I use a brace (only helps if I have it on extremely tight), and ice, but those two things often aren't enough. Tia


It's not easy to reach a diagnosis for that online. Did it start immediately after the carpal tunnel surgery or is it a later development. Are the shooting pains triggered by anything in particular?. Do they reach into the fingers, and if so which ones? JB

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