Update on using the splint


Hi Dr Bland I attended your clinic in November 2021 and had a negative result but you did the ultrasound scan and gave me a splint to wear at night and asked me to let you know if I have any relief of symptoms while using it I have found that I did feel some relief and still use the splint more often than not I do still have pain during the day but find I am waking less due to pain in my hand. Please advise on next steps if any many thanks


I think the most likely explanation for the situation is that, as we suspected in November, you have more than one problem with the overall set of symptoms being a mixture of mild CTS with something else. I'm afraid I don't know what the 'something else' is in this case - presumably something more musculoskeletal in nature and thus out of my area of expertise. We have two main options at this point:

a) treat the CTS part of it more aggressively, which would probably mean trying a steroid injection

b) pursue the 'something else', probably by seeking an opinion form the hand surgeons

We could of course do both, a) is likely to be much quicker than b). What do you think? JB

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