Cubical tunnel syndrome

Gina Dachtler

Hi I have logged on completed the questionnaire as requested by my GP. I note the questions more related to wrist problems mine are more in my elbow and forearm and I get numb little and ring finger only. I don’t know if I have Cubital or Carpal syndrome maybe? Please can I be considered for an appointment.


Your symptoms are indeed more suggestive of problems with the ulnar nerve at the elbow rather than CTS and as such there is not much point in us seeing you in a clinic which specialises exclusively in CTS. Your GP can refer you for nerve conduction studies for ulnar neuropathy, all they have to do is write a letter to us explaining the symptoms and signs, but we don't treat that so you will need to be seen in a clinic that does treat it anyway. Some GPs are happy to manage it themselves, others will end up sending you to a hand surgeon so a lot depends on the expertise available at your GP surgery. JB

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