Cts Resut

Supriya Jani

Respected Dr.Bland,
I have been updating my severity scores from October, recently since a few weeks, I am unable to do my day-to-day activities. my severity score is 31% .even a simple task of brushing is very painful. I am a chef by profession. quite concerned if i would be unable to do my work. I have tried emailing but was unsuccessful as the email id provided shows invalid.
Kind Regards
Supriyajani [at] aol [dot] co [dot] uk


The 31% is the probability that the diagnosis is CTS - not a severity score. The subjective severity of symptoms is expressed by the other numbers and those range from 1 (no symptoms) to 5 (the worst popssible symptoms). Yours do seem to have been deteriorating. So far as I can see we have not seen you so we should. You will need to email me your details though. If you read this page of the website it tells you exactly how to do that and what I need from you. JB

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