Upper arm and shoulder pain.

Jacqui 1

Good morning Dr Bland,
Since seeing you in your clinic, I have had 1 steroid injection in my right wrist. The results for my hand and wrist were very good. However I now have pain in my upper arm and shoulder which is waking me up at night, it is also present during the day, do you think this is related to CTS. I also have regained some numbness in my right hand and fingers.
Thanks for your time Jacqui


I'm assuming from that description that the numbness (which was rated mild at the time I saw you), improved for a while after injection and has now recurred. If that is the case I would wonder whether the upper arm pain appeared at the same time as the recurrent numbness? If so then it could be the CTS returning but there is of course nothing to stop you developing a different problem. I see the injection was done by Dr Wyeth - there should have been a follow up assessment round about the end of April/early May but I don't seem to have a record of one on the system - did it happen? JB

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