Good morning Doctor Bland

As you know I had my left wrist operated on last August.....fabulous! Symptoms completely gone, only thing I have now is abit of aching by the end of the day around the scar area.

I'd like to go down the same route for my right wrist this summer, I work in a school so we managed to arrange it for the first week of the summer holidays end of July giving me plenty of time to recover. Hoping we can do the same this year? Also I don't know if this is possible but are ypu able to request Mark I believe who did my surgery? Not sure if that's his correct name, I had him give me a steriod injection with you guys some time ago.

Many thanks



Please could you retake the symptom severity questionnaire on here, let us know when you have done this and then we can book you in to see you and retest and arrange further treatment. EK

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