Constant numbness of finger tips


Hi all

I've been struggling with Carpal tunnel in my hands for the past 3/4 years

I've had injections on 2 occasions and my doctor said i couldn't have anymore unless i lost some weight.

Been struggling with my weight for the past 10 years. but lately the last 6 months or so in my right hand my fingers are constantly numb.

sometimes i just get used to this feeling and manage but im starting to get worried about it. I've had lots of blood tests for diabetes but that comes back clear.

my left hand (dominant ) has mild numbness definitely not as bad as the right hand.

Went to see my GP today and he recommended me to sign up here,
one thing to note, which im not sure if linked but would be good to hear if anyone else has these issues.

Occasionally i can open a door, pick something up or grip something and i get excruciating pain in my hand and im unable to even make a fist without it hurting - this last for a good 10/20 minutes - it seemingly comes at random times.

i can be lifting stuff for ages with no pain and then boom something quite easy sets it off - even opening a car door?


Certainly sounds fairly likely to be CTS. Where do you live? JB

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