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I have severe wrist arthritis grade 4, no space at all in wrist no space between base of fingers and wrist bones. Hand surgeon recommended a partial scaphoid excision and CTR. I NEVER had classic CTS symptoms. I described a broken wrist in a vice grip. Previous ECM for a second opinion was 5mo after steroid inj showed no CTS, that surgeon recommended surgery too anyway. He wanted to go after my elbow too (no symptoms)…thank you……next. The steroid injection worked well for about 6 mo.

I am now almost 4 mo post op both procedures were done at once. Immediately after surgery I had no feeling in thumb, index and middle fingers. Swelling was extreme to the point the skin on my fingers cracked even with constant moisturizer. After months of daily OT I still have no feeling whatsoever in these fingers. They feel like they are made of stone. 10 days of prednisone did nothing. Swelling is less than post op but still twice as big as other fingers. Surgery was on my right hand …my DOMINANT hand.

After being told this is normal I finally put the doctor on blast.

An ECM is scheduled with a neurologist for the end of April. My wrist is very very sensitive, I also lost range of motion. It only bends back 15 degrees. My left can get to an almost 90 degree angle. I can look forward to a tension brace now in an attempt to regain range of motion.

Wrist is still swollen and looks bruised, my hand is red and the affected fingers still have a burning sensation. I can feel my palm, the back and sides of affected fingers to the first knuckle. Nothing else including the entire length on the front of these fingers. The “dead zone” starts, just below the fingers in the upper part of the palm. I want to be clear…not numb… ZERO SENSATION. Somehow a large blister formed on half the pad of my index, healed well in 2 weeks with hydro colloidal band aid, then another smaller blister out of nowhere same finger. This one scabbed over but…3 weeks and it isn’t healing.

Everything feels like burlap- rough with the 2 functional fingers. While I am back at work (not a WC case) life is hard there is so much I have to struggle to do.

The inner muscle of my forearm is completely atrophied. No muscle tone….zerooooooooooo. I cant lift anything without severe discomfort so no weights in OT. The more we work the wrist the fuller the fingers feel and the burning sensation increases.

Post op xray reveals large “sacks” surrounding the base joint of each finger. Doctor didn’t comment on this.

The thought of a second surgery is devastating.

He tells me no way to know other than to basically open the length of the median nerve.

What the heck happened?????


That's a slightly jumbled story and I'm not sure I have the sequence of events right. I'm assuming that you mean EMG by 'ECM' so was it like this in order

1) wrist injury

2) Wrist arthritis

3) Steroid injection - no benefit (where was the steroid injected?)

4) EMG

5) Surgery (Scaphoid excision and carpal tunnel release)

6) Loss of sensation in thumb index and middle fingers

7) X-rays shows 'something'

Still planned is further EMG in April?

If that is the right sequence then the first thing we need is the original set of EMG results. JB

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