a very good wrist support/splint for women


Hi, I've tried loads of wrist supports/braces/splints and this is the comfiest and best fit for a small wrist, especially due to the fact that the inside is cushioned with memory foam, but there is still a strong metal splint in it. It can be worn all night quite comfortably. The Wellgate perfect fit wrist support costs about £12 at major online retailers, if you do a search for the company/product name. Here is a picture. Hope this helps!


Looks as though it should do the trick. Although there is not a lot of published work comparing different splint designs I would suspect myself that there are few fundamental differences between splints and that as long as one ends up with the wrist straight and no obvious compression directly over the carpal tunnel then the most important remaining factor is probably comfort - therefore worth experimenting a bit to find something that fits well. I've also edited your post a bit to make it appear a bit less advert-like. I don't want the site to endorse particular companies but I think a personal recommendation, as I have left it, is fine. JB

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