Strange carpal tunnel symptoms


So I have posted here before. I have been experiencing mild carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms for a few years now. I also went through a bout of some cubital tunnel syndrome which seemed to subside after a few Months. The carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms still do linger but it has not gotten worse and I have not had any numbness in my hands with sleeping. The only thing I have been doing to treat it as wearing a brace sometimes, but not all the time. And I take fish oil‘s which I’m not sure if that does anything but I read a few promising things. But what’s weird is I don’t feel any pain in my hands when I am doing physical work. Whether it’s working out in the gym, or laying brick etc. I seem to only feel these carpal tunnel pains when I am texting on the phone or I am playing video games. But hard physical work actually seems to improve my symptoms. Strangely. Any insight into this doc?


I think you would have to carry out a biomechanical assessment of exactly what you are doing. Wrist position probably matters quite a bit as does the repetition rate of movements. Most people with CTS find that the symptoms are worst not during a strenuous activity but during the night following it. There are also a variety of other problems which may contribute to hand and arm symptoms and which sometimes co-exist with CTS, giving rise to complex combined symptom patterns. JB

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