Had mild carpal tunnel for 10 years considering surgery



I live in north west Kent hope that’s permitted :-)

I’m a 52 year old graphic artist who first started getting pins and needles in right hand (mouse hand)
Whilst living abroad. I blame poor desk and chair arrangement. Anyway came back to the uk
And it continued, spent lots of money on various things chairs, wrist supports, types of mouse,etc
Nothing really worked until I switch permanently to a pen tablet to work. That solved the issue.
Did get occasion flare ups and then I was having shoulder and neck pain. Had an EMG which showed mild carpal
Tunnel and i CT scan showed I had some c5 and C6 issues which two nerve root injections over 18 months
Solved aswell as physio. I had grade 5 power in my hand muscles. But I did get occasional flare ups of pins and needles
In my fingers. Usually always the middle three fingers.

Went to see a specialist again in 2021 and again diagnosed mild carpal tunnel and the same neck problems. I went to 3 different
Physios and chiropractor and found a Physio that fixed my neck and shoulder in a few weeks.

Fast forward to this this spring and having house refurbishments by builders I ended up doing lots of diy and decorating
Which has flared up now my pins and needles in both hands.but neck and shoulder are pretty good, slight soreness in tops of shoulders on both sides that’s all.Currently Being woken up at 5am with pins and needles and having to hang hands over the side of the bed to releave.
Went back to the same specialist who
Has booked me for an EMG tomorrow and pencilled me
In for surgery on my right hand next week.
But really nervous about touching anything in my dominant hand. I have gotten by with it and wonder if its just
Flared up because of the amount of manual work I’ve been done recently.
My main question is , Is this something that is better sorted
Sooner rather than later, is it only going to get worse
Over time. I still hope I have a good 30-40 years left in me but don’t want to
Spend my later years unable To do everyday tasks because of this.

Hope someone can give some suggestions.


Sounds as though you have never tried injection for the CTS, only for the neck. It actually works rather better for CTS than it does for cervical root problems. Personally I would want to wait for the NCS results before deciding exactly how to treat it. JB

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