Was on forum but all my posts have gone


Hi I came to an appointment on Tuesday 3rd May 10am Carol Iverson I’m writing a new post as all my other post’s have disappeared.
Update on my wrists.
My right wrists is a lot better after steroid injection but my left wrist is no so good. It’s not as painful or weak as it was before.
But I still am getting pins & needles and some pain, not unbearable, you did test and scan my wrists and I know there was more swelling in this wrist, maybe needs more time, wondered about your thoughts on this.
Many thanks


I wonder if there might be a second problem contributing to the symptoms on the left. Probably the best thhing for us to do is to re-test and see how the results have changeed and we can then have a think about it. I'll send out a new appointment. By the time we get to see you it will have had ample time for any steroid effect to happen.

I think I had to delete your previous forum thread because it had been hijacked by spammers pushing porn - sorry. JB


Thanks for reply, I’ll wait for appointment letter,

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