Post injection work

laura mac

I am having trouble getting the time off work I need post injection. I work in a hostel doing a variety of manual tasks. One of my duties is on reception. Will using a computer and writing be too much work the day after the injection?


It's a little unpredictable I am afraid. Most patients will be able to use the hands perfectly normally within hours of injection but a few people get painful reactions around the injection site or in the forearm or a flare up of CTS symptoms for up to a few days after injection which can require rest until it feels comfortable again. The likelihood of problems is sufficiently low that you can probably work on the assumption that you will be able to go to work normally the day after but if you do experience a flare up you just have to call in sick. There seems to be no reliable way to predict which patients wil have trouble and which will not I am afraid. JB

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