Results from last Wednesdays injections


Dear Dr Bland

Thought I would let you know results from injection last Wednesday. Unlike my previous first injection in 2009, I did not have pain spreading up inside of my right arm like last time. I have a slight tingly feeling in my right hand (the sensation you get when coming out of pins and needles, not so intense though) since then, not really all that bothersome, but tingly feeling there all the time. Having said that, I have had intensive use of my right hand particularly over the weekend, including lots of gardening (weed pulling, pruning, clearing block paving of moss, etc.) washing polishing car, etc. This normally produces quite a lot of numbness, pins and needles and latterly (pre injection) pain in wrist, hand (the pain is something I’ve never experienced before until this year!). So good news, apart from the slight tingly feeling in right hand, a great improvement. In fact on tipping out the contents of grass bag into the recycling bin I awkwardly bent my right wrist, but still no adverse reaction. As usually left hand absolutely fine after injection. Hope it lasts! Thanks very much for all your help.


Thankyou for the feedback. Glad to hear things are reasonably under control for now. JB

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