Need help with medical terminology


Hi, I have been struggling with CTS for about 2 years or so, I have numbness in my right hand and wake up in pain if I don't sleep in braces at night. I also have shooting pain when typing or paining or doing anything that involves fine motor movement, usually the pain is worse when I rest it. I am a barista, so I do a lot of reparative movement.

My Dr Diagnosed me with "borderline right carpal tunnel syndrome with latency with normal limits" they did not test my left hand as this was a work injury after I caught a table and started to have shooting pain when lifting objects or grasping items. The EMG was done 2 years ago, and my symptoms went from bad to worse and I am not sure what my diagnoses means and what I should ask for when I return to the dr. Can anyone explain it to me like I'm 2?


This is the USA right? If you have a copy of your EMG report I can look at it for you and tell you what I think. It's also useful to go through the symptom questionnaire here to see if your symptoms really fit that diagnosis as it's not altogether obvious from what you've written so far. JB 

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