Burning in fingers post-op: is this nerve healing?


Hello, very grateful to have found this forum.

I am 37 and was diagnosed with CTS in mid-2021, with mild symptoms noticeable a few months prior. I am left handed and type a lot for work (plus many years of graduate school). So my dominant hand and mouse hand (right) get aggravated. I started with nights splints but it was getting worse so I got my first steroid shot in late 2021. That actually helped for about four months but then after a long driving trip it all came back with a vengeance. I got a second shot that didn’t seem to do anything so I was sent for an EMG. I can post those results if interested. To my surprise, my right non-dominant hand was a good bit worse than my left. The doctor told me that it was presenting as pretty closet carpal tunnel. Given I tried everything I opted for endoscopic release surgery. I had my dominant left hand done April this year, and my right hand done in May.

I do notice a difference. The tingling and numbness and horrible burning has subsided. However, my right hand in particular has been burning a bit off and on and I’m getting electric shocks. Also, my wrists are fairly weak and I’m still dropping things. I was warned it could take time for the nerves to heal, but no real information on how it FEELS and I was not prepared for the wrist weakness. My left hand is a “month ahead” of my right and I can tell the left is better, but am unsure what sensations are normal at this point. I have some pillar pain in my right hand but at 2 months out it seems expected. My mobility is fine, but the continuing burning in fingers has me concerned. It does feel different than the pre-op burning, so I assume this is nerve healing, but it’s hard to find information on the sensory aspect of this process. I can calm it with ice and inactivity but being out in skkker heat fires it up. I want to make sure this is a normal part of the nerve healing process. I’d love any insight or advice.

Sidenote: I keeping being told I’m young to have this at 36, but with my two decades of typing is it really that strange? It just mildly alarms me when people say that. It did seem to worsen quickly over the course of a year.

Thank you so much for this forum and all the tools provided! I never was told a “severity” so can dig up EMG if needed.



Apologies for typos - let’s blame my healing hands :) I also want to add I NEVER had issues at night! Ever! I was so surprised by this..the morning was the rough period then it was good and came back early evening prior to constant pain/surgery. I do take sleep aids so maybe that's why.

Here is a link to my EMG: https://imgur.com/a/puLpRY4

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