Congratulations Dr Bland

Mark Wyatt

Dear Dr Bland,

Congratulations on your very thorough and informative website which I have sadly only recently discovered. I am a neurophysiologist on the Gold Coast of Australia and we run a busy neurophysiology clinic and we have been using your grading scale for CTS for many years in our reports (published in Muscle Nerve (2000). I would like your approval to place a link to your website on our own clinic website so that our patients can easily access your site as a source of reliable information.

Thanks in advance,

Mark Wyatt, Coastal Neurophysiology


By all means link to the site. The platform it is built on is outdated and needs a a major re-write but we can't afford that at present and it still works. At present we use the questionnaire to 'pre-screen' referrals from primary care for NCS - ?CTS - diverting patients with diagnostic scores < 20% to other services and that has proved to be very successful in keeping the waiting lists under control. JB 

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