Hand Splints

emma andrews

I have been wearing the hand splints at night (most nights) for the last 6 weeks. They have definitely helped, I don't wake up with pain or numbness when I wear them. Occasionally I forget to put them on before I go to bed and I am then woken up in the night with the symptoms. I also still experience some discomfort during the day when I am not wearing the splints, so they haven't exactly cured the problem but they definitely do help to ease the symptoms at night.
My splints are already showing signs of wear and tear, will I be able to get a new set when these wear out?
Regards, Emma Andrews.


You can drop in and get a new pair from us. It helps if you bring the old ones with you and we can then just swap the aluminium pieces from them into new outers. If that is inconvenient they can also be otained (at a price!) from larger branches of Boots etc, and online from Amazon and the like.

Having said that, I am not sure that permanent use of night splints is a very desirable soution and if the symptoms recur every time you try to sleep without them after several weeks then I would start giving thought to some more definitive treatment. JB

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