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Hello. I had endo CT’s release surgery on 1/21/2022 on my left hand. My major issue prior to surgery was the my index finger n thumb have been numb and tingling since September. I went to a very known surgeon and prior to surgery had everything checked from my neck down to eliminate any other possibility. The day of surgery in post op my index n thumb felt the same. It’ I asked dr immediately after surgery post op and he said it was the meds they numbed my hand up.

Prior to surgery I had an extensive EMG where they went from my neck to wrist.

It is now going on 8 months and i have had very little relief from the numbness and tingling
I go back 9/24 for a follow up and they will do an EMG ( first since surgery) but was curious if some situations can take this long. I’m a musician and this whole experience has been daunting to say the least. Any info is appreciated.

I was hoping ide see a change immediately, any change.


It really depends how bad the CTS was before surgery. Very severe cases can take a long time to improve, or not improve at all. If you have the pre-operative and post-operative neurophysiology reports I cam take a look and give you some clues. JB

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