10 months after op still not much improvement


Hopefully someone Can help please my wife had a carpel tunnel operation on her right hand ten months ago and still has problems as follows, no grip hardly in her hand, if she touches the scar it feels like it's a briuse being pushed and she has tingling in her small finger and the 2 after it. She has been to the surgeon today who done her op. And he told her that's it can't do no more there must be something that can be done please help


Not a very sympathetic surgeon I see. There is a guide to evaluating a patient with a poor outcome from surgery on this site here. If you read this it will tell you the sort of information we need to try and analyse the problem. The symptoms you are describing above are not typical of CTS so probably represent either the side effects of surgery or some other problem. Have a read of the failed surgery page and see if you can answer any of the key questions and I might be able to suggest the sort of person to consult. JB

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