should i go ahead with surgery


I am due to have surgery in my right hand on friday, and now feel a little reluctant to go ahead with it. After finding I was regularly waking up in discomfort and occasionally pain, and thinking that surgery would be my best option, since starting to wear a splint at night this has all reduced significantly. My movement in my hand has never really been affected, and again since wearing the splint, the tingling I feel when driving, typing, reading, cycling etc has almost stopped.
So now, I'm finding it has little impact on me, but I'm booked in for surgery which may exacerbate a problem which is currently quite manageable. I have also been told to plan for 4-6 weeks off work (I'm a social worker).People have told me to go ahead with the surgery, as the condition will only get worse. Before the splint, I was all prepared for the possibility of surgery, but now I am really uncertain.
Advice anyone?


Most of what I have to say about it is already on the site of course. If you read and take in everything on here about CTS you will be much better informed than most GPs and probably most surgeons. I think the question to ask is what exactly is the justification for surgery in your particular case. If it was simply to relieve symptoms then there seems little reason to go ahead. If the surgeon is recommending it to stop the condition deteriorating then the main fact to be aware of is that CTS is clearly NOT always progressive. If you have had some nerve conduction studies performed then they can help to inform a decision about whether to go ahead with surgery. JB

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