Stiffness and slight swelling in fingers almost 5months post Cts op


Hi Jeremy.
I had the op on October and recovered well and fairly quickly and pleased to report it cured my CTS.
I have full motion back in my hand but the full strength i.e. when I grip or lift heavy saucepans is probably around 80% to what is was prior to op.
Alongside this minor issue is the stiffness in my hand generally first thing in the morning and slight puffiness (i can't wear rings I previously wore) in all my fingers. I wonder if the stiffness and puffy fingers will improve with time ?
Thankyou so much .


You can get some loss of grip strength because the operation destroys one of the 'pulleys' for the tendons. Stiffness and slighht swelling when directly connected to the CTS/surgery is usually a result of lack of activity but if it's persisting 5 months after surgery you start to wonder if there is another problem. Diabetic patients often develop stiff hands but you are not diabetic I think. Anyone with CTS is also at risk of getting trigger digits so that's worth thinking about. it may be worth seeing your GP if it's a nuisance. JB

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