Sleeping on back


Dear Dr Bland I've got an appt with you next week as symptoms pretty bad - have done the questionnaire. Just wanted to ask - I made myself sleep on my back a few nights ago and I didn't experience the usual CTS symptoms that night or on waking. I've tried this again three times and found the symptoms much reduced. However, sleeping on my back is not easy and I keep waking and wanting to turn on my side. Is it the physical position that reduces the symptoms? Or is it that I'm not getting into a very deep sleep when on my back? As I'm seeing you next week, I don't expect an answer today, just letting you know. Thanks. Not been using a splint, as tends to feel worse, as with tight gloves.


Sleeping position has a lot to do with it but it is mostly what you do with the wrist when asleep that matters - the straighter it is the better. Splints for CTS are intended simply to keep the wrist straight and should not be tight. Please bring yours with you to the appointment next week - see you then JB

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