2nd injection


Hi I had my second injection yesterday and went ok but wrist feels a bit sore where needle went in still have numb thumb and 2 fingers. I was woundering if you could possiable send me a new splint as I have been using most of the time when I'm not working (as it offers a small amount of pain rellif) and is know very worn and rubs my skin in place's and make's my skin sore.

Thanks :):)


We have surgery booked for December I think so hopefully that will put a stop to it permanently. You are welcome to another splint. The best way is to drop in to the EEG department in Canterbury with your old one and we can then take the aluminium bit from the old splint and simply slip it into a new outer of the same size. We can do that anytime during working hours. If you can make out the size fo the current one we might be able to post out a new outer but that is a bit harder via the hospital's postal arrangements. JB

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