S Cozens

Dr Bland my symptoms have returned over the past few months with revenge, I've tried to keep them at bay with exercises and my braces but its not working. The pain is bad enough during the day but at night within 10 mins of me laying down to sleep it seems to get worse, that much so that I can't sleep and i'd quite happily chop my hand off ! I've spoken to my GP but he says he can't do anything untilll next years budget as carpal tunnel is not a priority, so could you help again please ? Many Thanks


We could certainly think about re-injecting it - what did you eventually think about the outome of injection in March? - at the planned follow up in May you reported it as 'slightly better' after injection but did not complete the multiple choice symptom severity assessment so far as I can see (it was a telephone follow-up I think). Thankyou for completing the questionnaire here on the website now. I also see that we only have a home telephone number for you so if you could email me a mobile number that might make it easier for me to contact you - I would not suggest publishing your mobile number on here! (my email address is in the contacts page) JB

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