Progress with hand supports


Dear Dr Bland

You asked me to post here to inform you how I was getting on with the hand supports. They are really helping my numbness - I have tried to sleep without them and realise what a difference they make. However, I have now had them for almost 4 months and feel that they are loosening and becoming less effective. Can I get a new set from my GP?

Do I need another appointment with you?

Kind regards,

Bernadette Burnett
Reference number 89533


Thankyou. You can drop in here and collect a new pair - just bring the old ones with you. They can also be bought online and in large pharmacies. Very few GPs stock them unfortunately. You are welcome to continue treating it with splints alone for as long as you think they are working and alleviating the symptoms sufficiently but most people would get fed up with long term splinting I think. If symptoms keep coming back every time you stop wearing them then you might like to consider the option of local steroid injection which is rather more successful than splinting overall. The success figures are all here on the site to refer to. JB

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