Update, John Nickson, op Friday 8th June


Hi again,

As mentioned in previous posts I had a flare up of ctsymptoms on 7th January, very severe pain, almost total loss of strength/flexibility in fingers.

Cortisone injections February 24th, immediate cessation of pain and thereafter gradual improvement in both hands.

Had op on worst hand(left) Friday 8th June. No noticeable improvement in hand operated on but both hands continued to improve.

I now have NO pain/symptoms in either hand and my strength has largely returned. I am, according to my tennis partner,"back to normal".

Rather strange.

My left hand is still rather uncomfortable where I had the op and it is awkward, for eg, getting in and out of the bath because I don't feel comfortable putting any pressure on that hand.

Many thanks again for your efforts on this forum, much appreciated.


btw, I did try to update awhile ago but got a warning that the site was under attack so couldn't proceed.


The site was indeed attacked, we think by some russian hackers who inserted some malware. It took us about 48 hours to get rid of it. Yours is an interesting tale and raises fairly obvious questions about whether surgery is always necessary or advisable for CTS. It's only an anecdote of course but there are some studies which provide supporting evidence for a more cautious policy with regard to surgery in at least some cases - though these studies have probably been read by very few orthopaedic surgeons I suspect. I'm glad to hear you are back on the tennins court anyway. JB


Good to hear you are on the mend John. I played tonight and had two hours of good tennis and I now feel that I am over the worst. The scar is slightly tender but OK. It's been a long road but for me the operations I think were necessary.


Thanks, Clive. Good luck to you as well. See you one day on the tennis court !


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