Post-carpal tunnel surgery (bilateral) problems


"I had carpal tunnel release endoscopic surgery. Now my hand turns blue in the bath when I lean on my arm. It's been 10 months since the surgery and I still have swelling, partial numbness, and the nerve feels like a mild electrical charge going through it when I brush my finger lightly over it. I have a constant 'warm' feeling inside my hand, my little finger is now 'crooked' only at the farthest joint, and when I straighten it out (as much as it will straighten by itself) I feel the tendon in my elbow pull and it's painful."


There's quite a mixture of symptoms there, some of which might be the original CTS, some the complications of surgery and some other things entirely. I think it all goes to show that endoscopic decompression is not a guaranteed cure-all for all hand symptoms any more than is conventional carpal tunnel surgery. If you want to try and analyse this in more detail the first thing we need to know is what your nerve conduction studies and symptoms were before surgery. JB


Thank you Jeremy for getting back to me. I will need to dig though my papers to get the nerve conduction test results out; I have the first set (on both hands) from before the surgery, the second test (post-surgery) was only done on my left hand since that's the worst one now. At present, I'm 'up-to-my-eyeballs' with stuff, but I'll get this info. to you as soon as possible. Also, this past Monday, Dec. 10th, I started seeing a new Dr.; I was hoping he would have better options for me. I'll fill you in on that visit when I send you the EMG findings.

Thanks again.


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