Symptoms have returned after injection


Hi Dr Bland

I saw you earlier in the year and had my first injection at Wye surgery in mid August. Unfortunately my symptoms returned 2 weeks ago worse than before. I have been to my GP today but I was told I cannot see you again because you only do the diagnosis. Is this right because I am not sure what to do now?
They have told me I can either be refered to the William Harvey Hospital, Westview or Benenden. Canterbury is not on the list.
Thank you for your advice.


Your GP is misinformed about the system I'm afraid. They way it works is described in full on here in the information for Kent patients and GPs. I am happy to carry on treating patients as long as they wish provided that they live in my catchment area and the purchasing authority, which is currently the East Kent and Coastal PCT, continues to support the CTS service. Arrangements may change in the future with the establishment of the new clinical commissioning groups but for now that is the situation. GPs however have the option whether to use my services or not and some prefer not to send their patients with CTS to me - indeed on the original referral for testing your GP asked me not to interfere in your treatment. I see that despite that we somehow managed to get Dr Miles to carry out an injection so I'm not sure what the current situation is with your own GP vis-a-vis me arranging further treatment.

I suggest you talk to your GP again. Point out the information for GPs here on the website and ask him or her what they want to do. If your GP is adamant that they do not want me to treat you in our specialist CTS clinic then there is little I can do unless you change GP. If on the other hand they have simply misunderstood the system and are happy for me to treat you then I will arrange to see you again and review the situation in full. JB

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