Return to work for cabin crew


I have to have surgery on my dominant hand for CTS.
I work as cabin crew and wonder how long I will realistically have to wait before returning to work, and of course driving?
Furthermore, I have leave booked and was hoping to fly abroad 4 days after the surgery. Is there a problem to do this? I have medical insurance in the country I will be in.
Thanks, look forward to your reply.


Assuming you are having conventional rather than endoscopic surgery then I would plan on a minimum of two weeks off work. It would however probably be a good idea to consult your occupational health department as they will have a better idea of exactly what your work entails - especially in an emergency situation. Flying four days after surgery should not be a problem as long as there are no immediate complications of surgery which need attention - get someone else to carry heavy bags. Stitches may have to be removed at 14 days or so which may be while you are away - some surgeons use an absorbable suture which 'dissolves' by itself so that may be an option. JB

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