48hrs Later...


Hi Dr Bland just thought I would update you on my operation and recovery 48 hrs later.

The EMLA cream worked quite well and as Dr Rine said the pain I had with the local anaesthetic in my right hand was much worse than my left which was really bearable. The op was again done very efficiently and the staff at Herne Bay were great. My left hand was completely numb on Saturday and by lunchtime yesterday started to 'defrost', with the swelling decreasing rapidly.

The difference between my right hand op recovery and left hand op recovery is immense. It took weeks for me to even hold an empty mug with my right hand but this morning attempted it with my left and was able to bear the weight somewhat. The recovery exercises are much easier with my left hand, thank goodness!

I thought it might be useful for other patients to know that what happens with the operation in one hand might not necessarily happen with the other. I'm using my forefinger on my left hand to type this!

Kind regards


Thankyou for the feedback. It's a nice example of how the two hands can behave in quite different ways clinically when treated, even when the CTS seems to be much the same in every other way. JB

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