Symptoms returned


Hi following my injections in june 2012, the symptoms have returned in my left hand with tingling and numbness and waking me when lying on my side, right hand can tingle but very mild, is it possible to have another injection in my left wrist?


Yes we could try again I think. Your CTS seems to have been quite stable over several years, always grade 1 or 2 when tested and according to my records we have injected both hands three times since 2007. As long as you do not think that it feels any worse than it has been then I think we could inject the left hand again even without re-testing it and you can call the office tomorrow to arrange it. Of course when you decide you have had enough of this you are a good candidate for surgery and we can get it done for you hopefully when it is convenient but for now I am happy to continue with injections if that suits you. JB

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