TO DR BLAND Having had my injection on the 7th Nov `12 which turned out to be nothing more than a pin prick , no more than one on your scale . Comparing this to a Tennis Elbow jab it is absolutely nothing , but whereas the elbow jab brings almost instant relief the C.T.S jab took about six days to provide full relief . Previously when playing Golf i was in a lot of pain , and my grip was very weak in my middle two fingers . Being a Publican the weakness in the right hand was almost as bad as the pain i was getting from it . My only concern now is how long the effects of the injection will last , at the age of 67 that 48 years you have mentioned would do me nicely thankyou . I have been given a follow up appointment to see Dr Beach on the 12th Jan `13 in Folkestone , which brings me to another point . My doctors surgery have a Doctor who gives these jabs but is not registered with you , which is a shame because it would be so much easier to see a Doctor in Dover rather travel all the way to Folkestone , i have passed his details on to you . One other thing i would like to point out is that i did not get any relief from wearing the splint at night , although i can understand how it would help others . Roger


Thanks for the feedback. 6-12 months relief from an injection would be about average but it's highly unpredictable. If you can persuade your doctor to join our team of injectors he/she would be very welcome as we could use someone in Dover - but they have to be willing to use our methods, get certified as competent and join in with our follow-up arrangements - on the other hand they do get paid for doing them so there is a payoff too. JB

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