Questnaire Completed But Heard Nothing Back


Hi. I completed the questionaire in January but have not had a response. This may be my fault as I did not realise I needed to alert you to the fact I had completed the questonaire.

Since January my symptoms have not improved and are somewhat worse in my right hand. This has caused me to go back to my doctor who again pointed me in the direction of your questionaire.

Can you help me please.

Paul Goodman


I'm sorry but you do need to inform me. You also need to read the patient information page (button on the home page - information for Kent patients) as it explains how this system works and tells you wahat I need next - you will need to email me your ID/Contact details as this does sound like CTS We try to keep such things off the website. I'll also move this to Canterbury patients forum in a day or two. JB

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