Progress update following operation


I thought this might help the general discussion and anyone who is considering the op.. The operation was done on December 15th, 3 weeks ago. The team very kind and efficient. Brilliant surgeon and very neat scar. Was advised to start exercises straight away, and was given a sheet. Very numb to start with . No pain unless I forgot and did something I shouldn't have.
However- night time waking with so called pins and needles numbness had straight away completely disappeared - hurrah!

Numbness decreased as dexterity increased and that lasted for a good week. Removed bandage and replaced with good strong plaster after 3 days. Felt much freer after stitches out and began to experiment with picking out tune on piano to exercise fingers tried a chord too early - ouch.

3 weeks later dexterity and grip is continuing daily to improve; I cannot risk putting weight on my hand yet., but was thrilled to be able to return to yoga yesterday and can now write and wash my own hair!

I'm very grateful and would like to say thank you to Dr. Bland and his team for an excellent care pathway - an example of the NHS at its best.


Thankyou for the detailed report. I think it does help for other people to be able to read a range of experienes to get some idea of what to expect from treatment. Unfortunately sites like this do tend to get a little dominated by the patients with problems as they have more motivation to post mesages so it's particularly useful to have a story like this one which is fairly average in terms of post-operative course. JB

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