Pain after CTSsteroid injection


I had a steroid injection last week 25/5, and as soon as he put the needle and started injection I had an excruciating pain and pins and needles shoot up my middle finger and up towards my elbow, I jumped he tried to carry on but it did it again only worse, so I got him to stop as he wanted to try again, he removed the needle and prepped another… I refused by this time I was sobbing…. The pain was so bad.
Anyway 8 days later I’m struggling to grasp anything, picking a cup, hoovering, even brushing my teeth hurt so much and the shocks so painful and now, my arm upto the elbow feels heavy and extremely achy, he told that it would all be back to normal within a couple days as he hit a tendon. Do I need to see someone or wait a little longer. It’s becoming more and more prominent.

Thanks in advance


Who was doing the injection? It sounds as though they hit nerve rather than tendon. JB

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