Steroid Injections successful ......

Wendy Hines

Hello Dr Bland

I was diagnosed with CTS on the 10th January 2013, and received a steriod injection to both wrists on the 14th January. To my absolute delight, the symptoms associated with CTS disappeared almost instantly: certainly by the following day. I've just completed the treatment page of MY CTS RECORD to this effect.

Thank you SO much for a prompt diagnosis and for arranging the rapid follow-up treatment ...... I feel as though I'm now able to get on with my life, and it's great to be able to sleep properly again.

The remaining symptoms (an osteophyte on my left wrist, and an occasional soreness at the base of both thumbs and wrist) originated a short time before the tingling of CTS began ..... and a recent X-ray of this wrist proved "positive" (although I won't know the details until I fulfil my appointment with the GP on 29th January). I'm expecting a diagnosis of arthritis.

Again, many, many thanks for your part in the above diagnosis and treatment, and for a very informative and user-friendly website. I'll update my CTS record as events progress.

Wendy Hines


Thankyou for the feedback - it's good to hear from the successes as well as the failures. There is of course a high chance of relapse at some point in the future but if and when it does start to come back all you need to do is let me know through the forum here. Preferably the Canterbury patients forum though as I am more likely to read that if it gets very busy - I'll move this thread over to that forum in a few days. JB

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