odds of success for revision


Hi everyone, I have had moderately severe Carpal Tunnel on both hands since 2007, unfortunately I had to cancel the ops at that time, and have suffered with it ever since. I Went to casualty Aug 2022 with painful trigger thumb, was sent to Orthopaedic, had nerve conduction tests and registered 6 on right hand, 5 on left. Left hand was operated on in May this year, now worse! Have had new conduction test and is now 6 on both hands. A revision has been suggested after 6 months since original op. What are the chances of success?


Poor but not zero - and the chance of making you even worse is probably quite slim. It's a pity it was left for 6 months after unsuccessful surgery. It might be possible to give a better idea if high quality ultrasound imaging is available to try and see if there is an obvious resaidual band of ligament which has been missed at the first operation., If there is then the prospects of a better result from a second attempt are probably better. Unfortunately the expertise to do such ultrasound imaging is pretty rare. JB

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