Question about numbness


Hi I haven't been diagnosed with carpal tunnel, in fact I have MS and I have been suffering with numbness in my left hand and fingers but neurologist doesn't know if it's caused by my MS or if I might have carpal tunnel syndrome. My question is about the numbness people experience with carpal tunnel, do you have numbness all the time? And which parts of the hand do you get numbness? For me my left thumb was numb for about 3 months before I regained sensation and then about a month later my entire hand went numb and this lasted for another 3 months and 6 months after that the inside of my forearm went numb but not my hand or fingers. When I get this numbness it lasts for months and it's constant, it never improves or subsides, it just randomly goes away after a few months. I never have any pain in my hand or fingers and as I understand people with carpal tunnel syndrome experience a lot of pain. Do my symptoms sound like carpal tunnel?


That does not sound very like CTS. CTS symptoms are usually worst at 3 am in the morning. Pain is not an obligatory feature, some patients do have pain and some do not. You can get a fair estimate of the probability of CTS by completing the symptom questionnaire here on the site. JB

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